Piano  Synced with API’s like Apple’s Logic Pro X , EWQL and related

Plug-ins and interface  with real musical instruments :

       guitars  and  keyboards.

YouTube: Ray Des

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      Hawaii  ... of course .


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TV Program ID 02 : 2 X 12 sec with Drums

TV Program ID 01 :  2 X 10 sec with  Drums

Network Program Signature Tunes

Anthony Whyte   MD   APL

Feature : Somewhere In Time by Sir John Barry  cover by Ray Des


           Ocean Waves

( Audio Only   by Ray Des


Starting Over Again Instrumental Music by Ray Des

IMDb Trailer Soundtrack    1:55 min.

                  Audio  only   


Ray  Des

Electronic software music - meets real instruments that contains percussion, woodwinds, brass, guitars, string ensembles, and many others that triggers

human emotions; for continuity and transitions - the power to hold and deliver the screenplay , from the beautiful to ugly, weird and

bizarre yet unforgettable ; to the dark recesses and extremes of imaginations ; to heart warming- heart wrenching piano and Hollywood string ensembles

that can be embedded along the story lines ; to Thunder Drums for the fast and furious action scenes... a wide variety of styles and  tempos to uniquely

customised  sound design according to the story line.


Classical and romantic era composer giants from Handl ( ... I can Handl that he he he... )  to Mozart, Rachmaninoff to Rosini, Puccini,

Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and many others.

New Age and Contemporary:

John Williams E.T., David Foster, James Horner, John Barry, Hans Zimmer Pearl Harbor/Inception fame , Jerry Goldsmith, Brian Tyler, Danny Elfman,

Ramin Djawadi, John Powell ( Bourne Supremacy ) , James Newton Howard (The Hunger Games)- creating some obscure, unforgettable 

and to the downright ugly and weird sounds that delivers the most dramatic and unforgettable cinematic impact in the movies.

The Beatles, Motown, Barry White , The Temptations, Michael Jackson, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Coldplay, MacFly,

Rihanna, Adele and Amie Winehouse etc.

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Ray Des  on   BRITAIN’s  GOT  TALENT  ’09

                      Ray Des on Youtube.com

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                                                                                         Ray Des’  Music

           Welcome friend. Feel free to explore and discover. This is multi-media post production soundtracks in situ or on line

                Genre :  Alternative, Easy Listening, sound design for games, TV and Films

“ Thanks to all indie post production managers, supervisors and sound design technicians, contents editors ; Creative and Media

Uni students for using www.raydes001.co.uk  as an additional resource for post production materials and resources.

We do value  your input and feedback - how and what you feel into various stages of your edit and post production work.  raydes001.co.uk

is committed to providing you quality soundtracks with a focus on applications and effects in the story lines and screenplay of

your projects at affordable digital downloads “.   Ray Des


                                    System requirements : Quicktime 7 or Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Media Player  or equivalent.

    Orchestral and symphonic scores like LOVE’S THEME  is for total immersion or relaxing

   and unobtrusive company in times of endless work, melancholy, solitude and endless study 

   - a conduit to an ethereal and magical sanctuary for the mind and weary souls.


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